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Get to Know Each Other with Comedian Lara
  • Get to Know Each Other with Comedian Lara


    Do you wish you knew your colleagues a bit better ?

    Lara brings to you an evening of "getting to know each other through stories.". The activity would start with Lara telling a short story about some particularities in her life. Then comes a round with fun prompts that are pre-picked to get people telling anecdotes. They will be short anecdotes, of about 2-3 minutes per person.


    Lara is a small Mexican-American-Venezuelan comedian who is currently telling her stories in Amsterdam. She has performed in Argentina, London, Brussels, and Rio de Janeiro. In Amsterdam, Lara used to produce La Risa, a weekly comedy night in Spanish, and co-produces four comedy nights in EnglishShe’s also a House comedian at The Comedy Embassy, and a co-host of the The Comedy Undergradz podcast with University of Amsterdam Radio


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