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Online LIVE Deep Yin
  • Online LIVE Deep Yin


    Yoga nidra is a deep, meditative state that is accessed through a guided lesson. It is one of the deepest relaxation states that humans can enter while still being awake, and its benefits include better sleep, reduced stress, increased energy, and better awareness. Yoga nidra is called the sleep of the yogis. Yoga nidra is not 'yoga' as many of them know it. By that they mean that it isn't a series of poses that you move through on a mat where you start on your feet and end in downward dog. Instead, yoga nidra skips most of this and goes straight to the savasana pose - the one for deep relaxation after an invigorating class. They provide a mat, a bolster, a blanket, and a cushion per person. If you need something extra to lay on and keep you warm please bring your own! So that you will be totallyt comfortable and supported to fully relax in this special kind of yogic meditation.

    • Duration

      60 Minutes

    • Languages

      English, Dutch

    • Number of participants


    • Location


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