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Managing Stress for Positive Change

Managing Stress for Positive Change


Before we get started with this course, I wanted to give you a couple of insights that I think that will really help you to get the most out of this experience. The first thing is, if you're a leader or a manager, I know it's really easy to jump into learning tips that you can bring back to your team, without really sitting in the experience yourself. And this course has been designed to help you first to manage your own relationship with stress so that you can then show and be an example with those that you work with. So as you go through this course the first time, I really want to encourage you to think about your own experiences with stress, go through the practices and the exercises, before you start to think about how you're going to implement them with your team. The second thing is, I want to encourage you to watch this course from start to finish without jumping around, at least the first time through. The reason is that this content has been designed to layer upon each other to give you the best understanding of stress and also to experience some of the training as you go along. After you complete the course, you can always come back and watch the movies independently to reinforce the key messages.

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    60 Minutes

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