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Cook with Berry Pronk from Kookstudio25
  • Cook with Berry Pronk from Kookstudio25


    Kookstudio 25 has been a household name in Rotterdam since 2003. Berry and Carola Pronk, together with a team of enthusiastic top chefs, run Rotterdam's largest and most pleasant cooking studio. Cooking studio 25 is a recognized cooking studio, we are affiliated with the cooking studio guild. This means that we work with certified chefs with professional equipment, according to the strict hygiene requirements (H.A.C.C.P). We are also a recognized SVH training company (foundation vocational education catering industry). Price displayed is for 10 persons.

    • Workshop Description

      In this special corona time it is important to keep in touch with each other. Kookstudio 25 offers online classes where you can cook together with colleagues or friends, all in your own kitchen. All this under the virtual supervision of our chef. You will receive the recipes and the products at home. You set the table yourself. The chef guides you through the recipes and explains the preparation and the products. A live host guides the participant  and answers questions throughout the session using the live chat.  You will also be able to see each other cooking through the live cam. When all dishes have been prepared you will eat the starter, main course and dessert at the table, together with your colleagues or friends (just put your laptop on the table). A fun, culinary and virtual team outing for you and your company! Keep up the team spirit!

    • Languages

      Dutch, English

    • Tapas, Indonesian, Thai, Sushi, Carribean, etc.

      Varying course menu's

    • Refund Policy


    • Collaboration Software


    • Maximum Number of Participants


    • Workshop Duration


    • Number of Courses

      1 to 3

    • Location


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