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Hotspot Hutspot Krootwijk

Hotspot Hutspot Krootwijk


At the beginning of the first lockdown, the social and sustainable neighborhood restaurant hotspot hutspot started with crisiscatering. Fresh meals are delivered in Rotterdam for free, to anyone who needs them. At the moment, about 600 meals are cooked and delivered per week. Of course, many ingredients are needed to make all these meals. And you can help with that! Because they want to cook healthy, there is a need for specific food items. Fortunately, vegetables, fruit and suchlike are already donated by various companies, but there is always a shortage of certain foods. Crisis catering is therefore looking for: big shopper bags (new or secondhand) brown rice, whole grain pasta, herbs, herb plants, spices, dairy, vegetable oils (olive and sunflower oil), seeds and unsalted nuts. Do you have some of these at home that you can do without? Then donate them to crisis catering!

  • Duration

    120 Minutes

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