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Cook with Yuri Verbeek from De Kokkerie
  • Cook with Yuri Verbeek from De Kokkerie


    Yuri provides an entertaining online outing with interesting anecdotes and cooking tips, but he also shows you how to prepare a plate, such as in a restaurant. Unexpected hilarious moments often happen, which Yuri is known for. Great fun to do as a teambuilding activity! Price displayed is for 10 persons.

    • Workshop Description

      De Kokkerie makes boxes for 2 or 4 people and which can be collected from them or delivered throughout the country for an additional charge. The boxes can also prepared for you with a delicious wine, chosen by their sommelier Allard Sieburgh.
      During the cooking workshop Yuri makes sure to guide you through the recipe and give extra tips to help you prepare a nice meal. While cooking there is enough space to ask questions. Yuri is really determined to let you experience a well present cooking workshop, additional fun elements are something you can always ask for. Overall the workshop will be cosy and inspiring, preparing dinner like never before. After the dinner everyone eats their delicious dinner together.

    • Languages

      Dutch, English

    • Cuisines

      Vegetarian and seasonal recipes

    • Refund Policy


    • Collaboration Software

      Provided by client


    • Maximum Number of Participants

      30 - 150

    • Workshop Duration

      1,5 hours

    • Number of Courses



    • Location


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