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Corporate Chair Massage
  • Corporate Chair Massage


    In Chair Massage, clients are seated on a specially designed, upholstered chair and receive a Shiatsu or pressure-point massage through their clothing. The massage takes roughly 20 minutes and targets typical neck, back and shoulder-related issues. Specific complaints can also be addressed. The massage therapist works on muscles, tendons and energy lines and uses friction techniques to open up the body. This helps clients feel a sense of well-being, as well as releasing physical tension and pain. As you become physically relaxed, you become more mentally alert. We are experienced in giving hands-on, on-site care for typical office complaints, such as neck, back and shoulder pain. Our team consists of therapists with a minimum of 5+ years of experience in massage. Next to their own experience, we train our therapist on the job where necessary to keep the quality of our sessions up to par with your needs.

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      20 Minutes

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