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Connect with Other Entrepreneurs

Connect with Other Entrepreneurs


This session will give you a BOOST in your business and the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs like yourself.


If you have some questions on your mind that you always wanted to ask other entrepreneurs, this is the session for you!

In the first part of the session, you will introduce your business (idea). Next, you will be grouped into small topic groups to share discuss your issues with other entrepreneurs, who have a knowledge of your field. The sessions will be very freely structured, but will evolve around your most important questions. Therefore, don't forget to prepare some of the most important questions that you would have concerning your business.

Agenda :
1. Introduction of each entrepreneur (1 min per entrepreneur) - 15 minutes
2. Free sessions, where you can ask you questions and discuss other entrepreneurial questions - 45 minutes


The session will be hosted by Avi, founder of Work Wholesome. 

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