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Deep Communication with Allison Meekins
  • Deep Communication with Allison Meekins


    Allison Meekins is a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Certified Coach with a special interest in relationships, communication, connection and embodiment. For the past decade, Allison has been studying & practicing with mentors, coaches, and leaders coming from various disciplines ranging from wise indigenous elders to executive board leaders at multinational fortune 500 companies. Allison works with people on all paths of life, and specializes in creating a space for people to realize change. Allison hosts Sharing Circles for select communities, facilitates events / experiences around the topic of connection & self-awareness, and is actively involved in the personal development community. She is a contributing writer for Thrive Global, an active member for Dance to Heal the Earth non-profit organization, Allison gives back to the community where possible alongside running her own business (Coaching with Allison / The Conscious Expat) and holding the positions of social sales enablement account manager (for Accenture, Avanade, Microsoft, SAP, etc.) & strategic development specialist at Tricycle Europe. She is an artistic creator, initiator, and authentically loves to support people to go beyond their comfort zone & become empowered to do things in new ways.


    Allison's priority is to create a unique experience for your team, and therefore adapts the experience to cater to your team's specific dynamic & needs.

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