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Three years ago, I got an advice from a monk :  do one thing at a time, and whenever you are distracted, just bring your attention back to what you are doing. This helps build focus and will-power. My life started taking a lovely direction ever since I started actively doing this - bringing my attention back to what I am doing and who I am doing it with .

Most of us know from experience that any deeply engaging activity, like writing this piece or cooking, playing, painting, gardening, reading or even telling a story, gives us peace of mind. And doing it with someone else builds connection. So, we are building the Work Wholesome platform with a purpose to help us relax from work and deepen our connection with our work and family folks. We do this by providing cooking, improv and more such experiences with authentic engaging personalities, that are passionate about their craft.


Remote work is already here, and for many of us it will stay.That means more evenings spent working, less real connection with colleagues and more thinking about work before we go to bed. So…how about doing an activity you love with your colleagues, friends or family to just relax from work?

Looking forward to being at your service.

- Avi (Founder)

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